So what exactly are Sex Toys?

Navigating the world of sex toys is a mammoth task, especially for those "new to adult toys" industry. There are literally millions of different types of Sex Toys with an incredible array of functions and motive. NZ Adult Toys has attempted to break down the walls of confusion by categorising the many thousands of Sex Toys listed on this website. From Vibrators to naughty soaps, your selection of sex toys is now a lot more simpler and interactive. Take a quick peak through the Categories to the left of this page, its broken down into simple groups of differing actions to assist you in understanding the process a lot easier. For the Newbies, i highly recommend the popular sex toys page HERE this page represents a wide variety of excellent Sex Toys for both advanced and New users.

There are also the more specific categories of Sex Toys such as Anal Toys or Vibrators. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is a safe and friendly place to relax and enjoy the process. No embarrasement necessary, just have fun. If we can help in any way, please dont hesitate to send us and email via the Contact Us page.

Kama Sutra

We have some pretty magnificant Kama Sutra Items to assist you discovering (or complementing) the ultimate love. Take a look at the The Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions This wonderful book encapsulates and explores the hidden secrets of love and passion. With sexual positions that make any relationship more intimate and interesting like the Dragons turnover or the Camels Hump. An Excellent read, highly recommended to supercharge your love making. Thousands of products in store to benefit your Kama Sutra evolution and a whole category dedicated to Kama Sutra itself. Take a look here to see more. Kama Sutra Here

Sex Toys NZ

NZ Adult Toys is the largest supplier of Sex Toys in New Zealand. With access to over 70 000 various Adult Sex Toys, places us the largest online Sex Toys NZ shop. This is a feat we are quite proud of and has taken us over a decade of great quality service with a lot of trial and error to get the supplying Adult Sex Toys NZ just right for you, our valued customer. If you have a product in mind, please use the search tab at the top right of this page. Remeber that all our SEX TOYS NZ are shipped totally free.